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Have any questions? I'm happy to answer!
I'll be honest, I'll get back to you in 1-2 business days - your girl is actually a juggler, not an aerialist 😂 But I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Thank you for your question! I'll get back to you soon :)

Sunday, September 19th @ 8am - 10am PT

Here's the Link to Register:

Price: $75

The class size is limited to 8 people in order to have more one-on-one attention and so we get to know each other better!

UPDATE: 6 spots left





This is a theory based workshop (no need for rigging) that is for all levels and can be applied to any aerial apparatus. I will give you the exercises/tools/structures that I have gathered and developed in my creative practice over the last 8 years of doing aerial, so that you can figure out how to “say” tricks and sequences in your own way and style. 


I find that many aerialists feel stuck because everyone around them knows the same tricks and sequences. You may feel:

a) bored with your tricks and sequences

b) lost amongst the sea of aerialists who know your same tricks and sequences

c) unsure on how to approach aerial artistically and creatively

I created this workshop to give aerialists the tools and structures they need in order to bring who they are as a person into their movement.


You will learn:

* How to live peacefully with your inner critic, so that you can allow yourself to get into a creative mindset

* Ground and aerial exercises for increasing range of motion and total body awareness

* Exercises for exploration of different “Textures” to make your moves and sequences dynamic

* How to increase fluidity in your moves and sequences

* Exercises and structures for exploring new transitions and building sequences

* How to “spice up” old skills and sequences

* How to break “habits” and “natural tendencies” in your body in order to explore new ways to move

* The importance of and how to create “Intention” behind each movement

* Exercises and structures for improvisation/freestyling


You will have access to the Class Recording and Google Drive Folder (valid for 2 weeks after the Workshop):

* Downloadable and printer-friendly worksheets (very aesthetic looking ones I may add ) will be sent to you a couple of days prior to the workshop, so that you can look them over, take notes during the workshop, and to aid you in doing the exercises after the workshop

* Downloadable videos of exercises and case studies of my thought process when figuring out new sequences

* Zoom Class Recording to be added to the Google Drive Folder after the workshop is completed



* All class content given is not to be distributed, shared, or recreated into a how-to video clip/reel.

* The platform that I'm using is Buy Me a Coffee. You do not need to have a Buy Me a Coffee account to purchase the workshop. 


I hope to work with you! 🤗

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